Service Fees and Pricing

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Savvy Service Fees and Pricing

Savvy provides Learners and Teachers with the world’s most effective and inspiring platform for 1:1 learning. We do not charge any subscription or membership fees.

To ensure great service and the operation of the site including matching, scheduling, payments, video sessions and reviews, we may charge a session fee from the teacher as a percentage of the total session price as set by the teacher.

For Learners

There are no fees for Learners: When you book a session with your Savvy teacher, you pay the price you see on Savvy, which is the exact same price your teacher set for the session. It’s that simple.

Find more details under “Learner Fee Terms” in our Terms of Service.

For Teachers

You set your own price for the sessions you offer. Savvy may take a percentage of the total session price for each session you teach. When your Learner books a session, we charge the full session price. 24 hours after the successful completion of the session we release the funds to you (less the service fees and potential taxes).

Find more details under “Teacher Fee Terms” in our Terms of Service.

How is the Session Price Defined?

Teachers set the prices for sessions they teach — that’s what learners pay when they book sessions on Savvy.

We may take a service fee from the teacher, as described above.

How much is the service fee?

We are so excited to have you on board as early Savvy user. Your comments and feedback help us improve the service and evolve Savvy into the amazing experience you expect as Teacher and Learner. Since some features may still be a little rough around the edges in these early days, we are not charging a service fee at this time. Cool, right?

Once we move out of our early product phase, we will have to start charging a very competitive fee to cover our costs and to build the features you and other members of our community love. We’ll let you know before we reach that stage.

You Can Contact Us Anytime

Let us know if you have any questions. We love to hear from you via email at

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