Savvy Private Beta - September 25, 2015

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Savvy Private Beta - September 25, 2015

After Alpha comes Beta. And, to make it extra special we call our new release a "Private Beta" because only very special people get access. You are likely one of them - why else would you be reading our Release Notes?  We are not going to quote Urban Dictionary's definition of "Beta" here but instead tell you about the awesomeness we just added to Savvy: From "a" like automated payment to "z" like - uhm - Profile Creation Wizard:

Our Alpha teachers are all incredibly handsome, amazingly talented, and they have been the best guides for prioritizing features that take Savvy from great to OMG:

Profile Creation and Account Management
Savvy teachers can now quickly set up their own Savvy pages, upload and edit their video and photo and update their teacher profile:

  • Teacher Profile: teacher can create and edit their profile
  • Teacher Profile: teacher can create and edit topics
  • Teacher Profile: teacher can edit their name and title
  • Teacher Profile: teacher can upload a profile photo
  • Teacher Profile: teacher can connect their Google calendar during profile creation; new step-by-step guidance and feature for authorizing Google calendar
  • Teacher Profile: teacher upload and record profile video
  • Teacher Profile: improved recording and re-recording for video
  • Teacher Profile: teacher can select to offer 25 or 55 minute slot or both
  • Account Creation: Auto-assign a suggested unique username for new users
  • Account Creation: Our brand new Profile Creation Wizard guides new teachers through the quick process to set up their Savvy page. It literally takes three quick steps to get up and running

Next week Availability

  • 4-week scheduling: Savvy now automatically synchronize a teacher's calendars for the next four weeks (creating more available slots for Savvy sessions)
  • Learners can now navigate by week to find the best slot for their learning session for the next few weeks.

New Homepage

  • Home is where the heart is. We redesigned our online home to make it look much nicer and to give visitors a better idea of what the Savvy experience is like for teachers and their learners. We make it super easy for interested teachers to sign up for our Beta - oh, and we send them a super nice welcome email. Love, Team Savvy

Real-time Calendar Updates

  • We love when things are fast. We just made calendar synchronization so fast we call it "real time". When you mark a slot as available on your Google Calendar or edit an existing slot it now takes no more than a few seconds to reflect your new availability on your Savvy Page. So use that shiny smart device of yours to touch and tap and flick around your calendar so your learners see instantly when they can book time with you. Sweet.

User Dashboard

  • We added a new control panel:
    • Learners see all their teachers, booked and historic sessions in one spot. We made it easy to view session details and to book again with teachers they worked with before.
    • Teachers see all their learners, past and upcoming sessions. We made it easy for teachers to manage all their learners and sessions in one place.


  • Session specific rooms ensure that only signed in learners and teachers can access a scheduled video session. For other users the link video link won't work. This way we keep your video sessions secure and private.
  • Password reset is now an email-based self-service for users who forgot their Savvy account credentials 
  • Security: we disabled your browser's feature to auto-fill passwords for your protection: this added layer of security prevents unauthorized changes to your sensitive account information
  • Security: we request users to reauthenticate before editing sensitive account details like bank information
  • Signing in puts the user into a secure session (https)
  • Secure Payments: we now pay all teachers automatically and process all payments through a secure payment service

Usability Improvements

  • Booking flow: we added quick change icons to the booking overview screen so that learners can apply quick tweaks when booking a session
  • Life happens. We added a feature for learners and teachers to cancel a session Savvy session, when necessary.
  • We improved the experience of connecting to a Savvy video session: before the session starts learner and teacher can get situated, adjust their cam and see when the other person joins. 
  • A timer and subtle notifications help keep the video session moving and make it easy for the teacher to wrap up when the scheduled time is up.
  • We applied many UI tweaks and polish, streamlined navigation flow for web and mobile

Oh, and we updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.



Some call them "bugs" and give them exotic names like "#91964576". We don't name them as we don't want to get too attached. Instead, we get rid of them pronto. Here are the ones that are no longer bothering us:

  • Profile Editor: user can get into the booking flow from the edit view of their own topic
  • Topic URL should pertain only to that teacher
  • after editing my topic and saving, can no longer edit topics
  • Profile edit: limit session price to min $10 and max $9999 (or local currency equivalent)
  • Show correct error messages when input fields are empty or inconsistent
  • Optimize touch targets for mobile devices
  • Video uploader accepts non-video file formats
  • Portrait format mobile video shows up huge on teacher profile
  • Several fixes for browser compatibility across Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE on Web and Mobile.
  • Video Upload: current video plays while recording a new one
  • Video auto-play not working on newly created profiles
  • Learner can skip session length selection and end up booking a 0 minute slot
  • Profile Edit: Upload video not working in mobile Safari
  • Booking Flow: Selecting the last slot of the day doesn't take session length into consideration
  • Need to limit file size and max time for uploaded videos
  • claim your name: missing error message when username is already taken
  • Chat: right part of text chat window isn't clickable
  • Firefox user can't join video session
  • Safari layout issues with video session
  • Layout tweaks for IE11 / Edge
  • Video uploader reduces audio quality
  • Reset password allows users to create a password with fewer than 8 characters
  • Real Name should support international characters and non-latin scripts
  • Many cross browser mobile and web layout tweaks



Whoa, there are still some features that aren't quite working the way they should. And that's a nice way of saying "we know there are some bugs we haven't completely fixed yet". There, we said it. Most of these have simple workarounds (see below). But, we totally get that they can be pretty annoying, so we're working hard on getting these fixed:

  • Video chat not working in old versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome
    • Update your browser to the latest version to avoid incompatibilities
    • Switch on your browser's auto-update feature so you always use the latest and greatest.
  • Video chat: both parties click on the video chat link but both see the waiting screen and aren't getting connected
    • Make sure you always use the latest browser version. Sign in to Savvy before your session so we know you are really you.
  • Video chat: microphone not working
    • The other person can't hear you at all while you can hear them well. Check your audio settings: is your built-in or external microphone connected, unmuted? Does your microphone work in other apps?
    • In some cases we 
  • Video chat: in some browsers, temporary slowness of the internet connection can cause echo cancellation to fail.
    • reload the browser tab or window the active video chat is in
    • use headphones to avoid speaker/mic echo
  • Video chat: video freezes to a still image for one of the two parties
    • reload the browser tab or window the active video chat is in
  • Teacher calendar: Google calendar contains the Savvy video link but also adds a Google Hangout video chat link, which can be confusing
    • That's a user-specific setting in your Google calendar settings: when active, Google calendar will auto-add a Hangout link to every appointment you create. You can either ignore the Google Hangout video link and just click on the Savvy video link inside the appointment, OR switch change your setting in GCal → Settings → (scroll down)→ Automatically add video calls to events I create → [x] No. All done.
  • Chat History: text chats between teacher and learner get lost when reloading the page and when ending the session
    • We're working on preserving all chat messages. In the future we will offer the option to receive a transcript of chat messages for each session.
  • Video upload and processing is slow
    • We're looking into options for a faster video upload and processing
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