Is my payment information safe?

Touran -

We take extra measures to keep your payment information completely safe:

For Teachers: you receive payments via PayPal which is a highly secure payment platform. You control all settings and the connection to your bank account in your PayPal account settings. All we need to pay you is your email address that is associated with your PayPal account. No bank details needed. That way we're keeping all your information completely secure. You can find more information about PayPals world-class security at

For Learners: We use a trusted payment processor called Stripe that keeps your payment information (like your credit or debit card information) completely private and secure. In fact, we don't even have access to your data in our system: your personal information is always securely encrypted and is used safely when you use your card to book lessons on Savvy. You can find more information about Stripe's certified security standards at


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