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Savvy connects your browser directly with the other person's browser. Here is what you can do if you can't hear or see the other person or if they can't hear or see you:

  1. Restart your browser
    It is possible that your audio or video is blocked by an app that is open in another browser tab. Shut down your browser, restart, and click on the Savvy video link to join your session again. This resolves most issues.

  2. Ask the other person to restart their browser
    Chances are that the other person's browser or computer is causing the issue. Use the chat window to ask them to close and restart their browser and to join the session again by clicking on the Savvy video link after restarting.

  3. Close other apps
    Programs like Skype may hold on to your microphone or audio devices so your browser can't access them. Close all programs you don't need before joining your Savvy session.

  4. Restart your computer
    Yes, that's a big ask. But sometimes it is necessary. And it resolves 99% of all "can't hear you / can't see you" problems.

  5. Ask the other person to restart their computer
    Turning their computer off entirely and starting it again will make sure that no other programs are blocking their video or audio.

If none of these resolve your issue and you still have trouble with getting a proper video or audio connection, here are some bonus tips:

  • Check internet speed
    Your or the other person's internet speed may be too slow to send or receive video or audio data. Make sure that both your internet connections are stable and fast enough. HERE are some valuable tips for testing and optimizing your internet speed (remember that it could be the other side that's slow and causing the issue).

  • Check Hardware
    Make sure your microphone is unmuted, your local volume is up, external webcams or microphones are properly connected and plugged in. Unplug headphones, check your volume settings again.

  • Troubleshoot Audio
    If you can't hear the other side of they can't hear you, check out the audio indicators under your and the other person's video while you are in the session: make sure that both sides make some noise and check out the thin colored bars:

    LOCAL Audio: When you speak, you should see a colored audio indicator under your video in the lower left corner. If you don't see the indicator moving while you speak, then your system is the reason why the other side can't hear you. Check all suggestions above (e.g. restart your browser or reboot your computer) to fix the problem on your end.

    REMOTE Audio: When the person on the other side speaks you should see a colored audio indicator under their video (shown as a thin line on the bottom of your browser window, underneath the big video). If you don't see the indicator moving while the other person speaks, then their system is causing the issue. Ask them to follow steps 1 - 5 above, particularly to restart their browser or reboot their computer to fix the problem on their end.


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