Marketing Toolkit for 1-2-3 Discounts

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Ready to tell learners about the 1-2-3 discounts you're offering? Our Marketing Specialists have put together an email template and social media posts that you can use to tell learners about booking sessions with you using the exclusive 1-2-3 discounts.

With these materials, it will only take a few minutes to let your existing network know about this great reason to start learning with you!

– Email Template – 

Hi [First Name],

I want to tell you about a new platform I recently joined to teach learners over live one-on-one video chat! It’s called Savvy and it makes it super easy for you to learn with it’s simple scheduling and booking.

As a new learner on Savvy, you can get $10 off your first session, $20 off your second session, and $30 off your third session. This is good for 25 or 55 minute sessions. Contact me for your first exclusive coupon and save!

Here’s how Savvy works. You can see the topics I teach, my rates, and availability right on my Savvy page. Select the topic and time you want and in a few clicks, you’ll be booked for a personal one-on-one video session with me. Joining the session is as easy as clicking a link and you can learn from the convenience of your own home.

Here’s the link to my Savvy page: [Insert Savvy Page URL]

Learning is now easier and more affordable than ever. Can’t wait to get started with you!

– Facebook Posts – 

You can now book a personal 1:1 session with me to learn [Insert Topic] on Savvy! As a new learner, Savvy is giving you $10 off your 1st session, $20 off your 2nd session, and $30 off your 3rd session, contact me to get this exclusive deal! Oh, and sessions happen over live high-quality video chat from anywhere in the world. [Insert Savvy Page URL]

I’m teaching how to [Insert Topic] on live one-on-one video chat. Right now, Savvy is giving new learners $10 off their 1st session, $20 off their 2nd session, and $30 off their 3rd session. Booking is super easy and secure. Contact me to get this exclusive offer and start learning! [Insert Savvy Page URL]

– Tweets – 

Want to learn how to [Insert Topic]? I can teach you on live 1:1 video on @savvy_HQ. Get $10 off your 1st session now! [Insert Savvy URL]

Learn how to [Insert Topic] on live 1:1 video chat. Book now and save $60 on your first 3 sessions! [Insert Savvy URL] @savvy_HQ

I teach private 1:1 lessons on [Insert Topic] via live video chat! Book now and save $10, $20, and $30 [Insert Savvy URL] @savvy_HQ

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